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Five most popular pages in wordpress

Wordpress is often not taken seriously by many. It is seen as a tool for amateurs and because it is actually relatively easy to use in the basic functions there are many who offer it semi-professionally. But WordPress can do more, WordPress is an extremely strong CMS with more functionality than you can imagine and agencies that can use it professionally with this tool are able to set up extremely cool pages really quickly with the possibility that the customer , ultimately being able to change or add to its content relatively easily on its own.

WordPress is a really serious tool to create great quality websites at extremely fast speeds.

64% of all websites in the world are so-called CMS (Content Management System) sites. These are pages that have an administration in the background with which agencies or their customers can keep the pages up to date. WordPress controls 42.7% of this market and is by far the largest player.
Wordpress is also the market leader in online shops with over 25% of the market share.

Here we present you the 5 most popular sites that, unbelievably but true, are created and operated with WordPress as the basic system:

Sony Music

Vogue Magazin

The Rolling Stones

Dallas Mavericks

007 Website

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